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Dr. Kara
McElligott Park

OB/GYN, Menopause Specialist

Kara McElligott Park, MD, MPH is a practicing OB/GYN accepting new patients for virtual care services in North Carolina. 

Dr. Kara McElligott Park is passionate about helping women who are struggling with getting excellent health care during the menopausal transition (the time before, during and after when the menstrual cycle stops).

Kara sees patients for all kinds of women's health issues. In 2022, Kara founded Pause for Women, a virtual menopausal care experience. Visit for more information or to schedule an appointment. 


Kara works closely with community providers to assist with the treatment of more complex cases during menopause. Such as those with chronic medical conditions that worsen during menopause or contraindications to usual treatment methods. 


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